Miles Greenberg

Icarus I, Narcissus I, and Orpheus I
Fall 2021

A STATE OF TRANSFORMATION: For "Late October," three sculptures were milled from a high-density material that could eventually be moulded and cast in bronze as positives, so the work appears to exist in permanent transformation.


Miles Greenberg Studio


Late October at Arsenale Contemporary, Toronto, CA


Milled urethane, steel, and automotive paint


Dimensions vary

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Miles Greenberg: Late October

Miles Greenberg's artistic practice revolves around the creation of large-scale, sensorially-immersive, and site-specific environments that place emphasis on the physical body within a spatial context. These installations come to life through durational performances, where the body itself is treated as a sculptural medium.

The intricate live installation "Late October," which took place at Galleria Continua Les Moulins, exists in a captivating setting involving seven performers, including Greenberg himself. Inhabited in the space for a continuous duration of seven hours, positioned on rotating plinths and wearing white contact lenses that obscured their vision, the performers, adorned with a lacquered nude aesthetic, slowly revolved above an ice blue basin. Greenberg skillfully edited footage captured during this live performance, resulting in a twenty-six-minute film that will have its world premiere at Arsenal Contemporary, showcasing the transformative nature of his artistic vision.

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