artists studios

artists studios

We offer a studio program designed for artists with a developed studio practice and career located in the Motor Exhibits Building, encompassed by Grounds For Sculpture.


Membership is available to artists through an application and selection process. Members receive a private studio for a period of up to two years. Membership renewal is possible after two years through a reapplication process. As part of your membership you will be required to participate in a minimum of two engagement programs, one with Grounds For Sculpture and one with the Johnson Atelier each year.




All studios are located in the Motor Exhibits Building in Grounds For Sculpture, a museum, sculpture garden, and arboretum where art and nature are always at play sited across 42 landscaped acres. Engaging and educational programs for all ages are offered year-round, and may include lectures, hands-on workshops, tours, concerts, and performances. The studios are owned and managed by the Johnson Atelier.


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Studio Artists

Studio 1
Mike Gyampo

Born in Ghana, West Africa, I hold a BA (HONS) in sculpture and MA (Part 1) in African Studies, have worked at National Art establishments in Ghana and exhibited extensively. I use a variety of materials and employ traditional Ghanaian philosophies to communicate, exposing inherent conceptual realities of life.

Studio 4a
Bernie Oberoski

We are all different, and yet the same.

Studio 4b
Paul Henry Ramirez

I recreate life experiences into a fresh visual vocabulary of beautiful, sensual and playful abstracted imagery. It all begins with spontaneous thumbnail sketches that I translate into paintings, drawings, sculptures and monumental site-specific installations.

Studio 6
Takeo Shimizu

Having closely collaborated with many artists all over the world, worked at JA for almost 40 years and taught at PAFA, I am very knowledgeable of old European bronze techniques and styles, and now devote my full time to my own projects. I am an avid lover of classical music and mathematics, a proud father and grandfather.

Studio 7
Gyuri Hollósy

I'm a sculptor, painter, draftsman, and author. I work with bronze, sawdust/resin, wood, and oils. My primary inspirations are figures in motion. My current series of work is with dancing figures correlated with hyperbolic mathematical shapes – Perpetual Motion = 4-D.

Studio 9
Autin Dean Wright

Originally from Jamaica and former apprentice and Supervisor at JA, I have had the opportunity to work with and exchange ideas with many celebrated artists. I am experimental with my materials, always evolving my ideas and techniques.

Studio 12
Margareta Warlick

A sculptor and Master Gardener, I combine my passion for botany and sculpture using various media to create organic compositions that reflect the environment. My work is created sometimes for pure enjoyment and other times to convey an invitation to explore a more in-depth conversation.

Studio 13
G. Frederick Morante

I explore my interpretation of the human condition through my figures using sculptural materials of clay, wax and plaster, as well as the computer using 3d printing and cnc milling.

Studio 14
Larry Steele

A two-year apprenticeship at the Johnson Atelier morphed in a 22-year experience during which I made as much sculpture as I could, learned much, and met many other artists. When it ended, I gradually renewed a prior interest in painting, which I continue to enjoy today.

Studio 16
Léni Paquet-Morante

Through sculpture, painting, and print media, and using an intuitive response to image making and material, I create interpretations of landscape that focus on shallow water systems in both natural and man-made environments.

Studio 17
Clifford Ward

Having worked as a technical teaching instructor in metal chasing, I have been with the Johnson Atelier since 1997. Now as a full-time resident artist, I have continued developing my art as an Afrofuturist.

Studio JA
Megan Uhaze-Wear

Professional Painter, Printmaker and Co-Department Head for Finishing at the Johnson Atelier, my work has been shown in venues throughout the Northeast, included in the permanent collections of Capitol Health Trenton, Mercer County Cultural and Heritage Commission, and Trenton Free Public Library

Studio JA
Jessica Petty

My work is colorful and vibrant with contrast in bold shapes and typography. Influenced by my traditional fine art background and education, my approach to design encapsulates a multitude of artistic principles that enhances and strengthens my approach.

Studio JA
Karina Raude

Over a 19-year career beginning in illustration and fine arts, evolving into mural conceptualizing and execution, exhibit design and construction for nationally-recognized museums, I've proven my ability to capture ideas and put them together in a way that engages and transforms spaces.

Studio 18
Nicolas Valenza

As Co-Department Head for Finishing at the Johnson Atelier, I like to challenge myself when creating my own art. For me it’s about the craft. If the work comes too easy, I won’t feel fulfilled.

Studio 19
Joseph Acquah

Born and raised in Ghana, West-Africa, my work in three dimensions utilizes many combinations of mediums, methods, and techniques from carved objects, stone, concrete, plaster of Paris, wood and other metals bronze and aluminum.

Studio 20
Scot Thompson

Thompson, a full-time artist, has long pursued his interest in combining disparate elements. Through their violent reaction to each other and their integration, transforming feelings and thoughts into tangible objects.

Studio 21
Tom Neuhauser

I am a self-taught artist using various mediums such as wood and stone, currently creating sculptural images themed on political issues. My work benefits from the technical expertise necessary to function as an art foundry technician.

Studio 24
Eric Schultz

I work predominantly in metal, experimenting with found object sculpture. I have a deep fascination with junk and the detritus of life, and use this as a way to address the environmental issue of recycling, transforming waste into sculptural treasures.

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