Miles Greenberg

Fountain I
Fall 2022

Vivian Caccuri and Miles Greenberg combined their talents to create an exhibition blending sound, sculpture, and embroidery.


New Museum


The Shadow of Spring w/ Vivian Caccuri at New Museum


30# urethane, steel, primed and painted, tubing, water & rocks for functioning fountain


Pose 1: 95 x 52 x 51 in., Pose 2: 98 x 53 x 51 in., Pose 3: 93 x 50 x 50 in.

Miles Greenberg fountain title 1
miles-greenberg-fountain-title 1
miles-greenberg-fountain-title 2
miles-greenberg-fountain-title 3


The Shadow of Spring

At the New Museum in New York, the joint exhibition called "The Shadow of Spring" presents the works of mixed-media artist Vivian Caccuri and performance artist Miles Greenberg, who combine their talents in this exhibition blending sound, sculpture, and embroidery. Caccuri used a digital stethoscope to record the echoes of Greenberg's lungs and skin after a ten-minute workout, and the 35-minute sound installation featured in the exhibition is the centerpiece of the show. 

The sound fuses into the embroideries of contorted bodies over mosquito nets created by Caccuri and the fragmented urethane sculptures by Greenberg. The sculptures displayed in the exhibition are based on one of Greenberg's past performances where he was drenched in a sanguine liquid while standing over a plinth. 

Greenberg collaborated with Johnson Atelier to create the sculptures featured in the exhibition. 3D scanning technology was used to purposefully create glitches and distortions in the body. From the initial scans to fabricating a working fountain, JAD collaborated closely with Greenberg at every stage of the project.

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