Aria Dean

Figuer Sucia

A colloboration with Aria Dean and Greene Naftali Gallery that continues her fascination with digital simulations. A small plastic toy of a horse was scanned and rendered as a 3D file. It then sustained a battery of simulated collisions that was output and fabricated as a physical object. The organic form of the horse is barely recognizable in it's final realization, though the work retains a sense of movement. It is painted in gray to refernce it's purely digitial birthplace.


Greene Naftali


Figuer Sucia at Greene Naftali Gallery


2023, Polyurethane foam, paint, wood, Polyurethane foam, paint, wood


39 x 40 x 48 inches

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Aria Dean: Figuer Sucia, Friesian Mare

Building upon Dean's ongoing exploration of art that embodies the essence of Blackness, where symbolism and materiality intersect, Figuer Sucia follows in the footsteps of her recent exhibition at the Renaissance Society titled Abattoir U.S.A.! Employing similar technological methods to challenge the boundaries of representation, Dean employs virtual means to manifest a tangible object. The latest series of sculptures originated from a figurine depicting a Friesian warhorse (note that "figuer" is an archaic spelling in the Old Frisian dialect of Germanic). Through scanning and replication, the small plastic toy was transformed into multiple 3D replicas that underwent a series of simulated collisions. The resulting sculpture crystallizes the outcome of this digitally-born event, adorned in a primer gray hue reminiscent of the favored color of the software employed in its creation. Dean elucidates the unique sequence of operations in this artwork, stating, “real action in illusory space becomes an illusory trace of action in real space.”

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