“The Shadow of Spring”

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Within the New Museum‘s Lobby Gallery, the sounds of guts, hearts and lungs merge alongside sculptural fountains of a 3D-scanned body and embroidery framed by car speakers. These surprising and unconventional elements comprise The Shadow of Spring, a new experimental exhibition from Vivian Caccuri and Miles Greenberg, on view now until 5 February. Combining Greenberg’s visual and performance art with Caccuri’s sonic background, the installation crafts an enveloping, sensorial atmosphere inspired by communal gatherings—like nightclubs, raves and temples—that are held together by vibrations. Together, the duo explores the politics inherent in sound while locating the possibilities for collective power within.

The exhibit marks the first time the pair have worked together, although the naturalness of their combining yet distinct works suggests otherwise. Throughout the space, the artists’ pieces are seen in dialogue but were worked on separately, with Greenberg’s sculptures, modeled after his body during his 2022 performance Fountain I, scattered among the exhibit and Caccuri’s embroidered stereos.

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